Buyer’s Guide

1. Please make sure you understand our terms of service before placing an order with special attention to the following:

A) You are NOT buying directly from Takumi. Takumi is not a part of your transaction with your seller.

B) Each seller has different policies, so please take the time to read through the shop policy for each shop at Takumi.


2. Purchasing

A) How do I order?

  1. To purchase items from Takumi, you need to register with us first.  You can register with us from HERE.
  2. Browse through our site until you find an item that you want to purchase.
  3. Click “add to cart”. (Do 2 & 3 for each item you would like to buy.)
  4. Once you’ve added all the items, click “My cart” to review your items or click “Check out” to checkout.

By making a purchase from a shop at Takumi, you agree that you have read the item description and shop policies. Also you agree that you have provided accurate shipping information to the seller.  When transaction is completed, you have full responsibility for its payment.


3. Payment

A) How do I pay for my order?

We only accept Paypal payments.  You can pay with your PayPal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, please create one in advance.

B) Is the site secure?

Personal banking information is fully protected by PayPal.


4.  Shipment

Sellers will send your item(s)by EMS. He or She will let you know the tracking number for your package through the e-mail you registered with.


5. Return and Cancellation

A) Can I cancel my order or return an item that I purchased??

Each seller must have an outline for return and cancellation in his or her shop policies. You may request that a seller cancel an order by direct message before shipping. If your order has already been sent, you cannot cancel your order. In this case, you can request a return. Note that not all sellers accept returns. Depending on the seller, you may be responsible for shipping fees. Please read the shop policy each time you decide to purchase an item.

B) Item was broken during the delivery. What should I do?

Contact your seller for damaged item and follow their instruction.  We highly recommend taking several photos of your damaged item in case the seller asks for them.

C) What should I do if I don’t receive my order?

It is possible that shipments can take more than a month in some cases.
Your package may be held at your local post office. If you feel your order is taking too long,please check your local post office and ask if a parcel is waiting for you. If not, contact your seller for the delivery date.