“Made in Japan” is such a simple phrase yet it instantly evokes an image of exceptional design and high quality production for most people. That is because Japanese craftspeople are proud of their work and have faith in their products. They spend many years as apprentices to get their skills. After they master their craft,they keep learning and searching for more skills and knowledge. Their modesty and hard work are the keys to high-quality products made in Japan.
We only sign contracts with Japanese traditional craft shop and manufactures. So all the products in our website are ‘Made in Japan’!
First, you need to register with us. Then you can start searching by using "Search" or any of the categorized pull down menu. Once you find what you want, you can purchase it directly from shop in Japan!
Takumi is the marketplace which only handles products made in Japan. We would like to share Japan's finest craftworks to the other countries. If you want to learn more about Takumi, visit our “About Takumi” page!


It depends on your country and also on the seller. Each shop has its own shipping policy, so please check shop policies before purchasing.

Payments, Return, Refund

We only accept Paypal transactions. So yes, our check out system is secure.
Each seller has his or her own return policies, which should be found in their shop policies. Please contact your seller for cancellation, or to return an item for a refund. Please remember not all sellers accept cancellations, returns and refunds.
Takumi marketplace is based in Japan, so all products on our website exclude tax. However, VAT and/or custom fees will occur normally upon delivery. Your delivery agent will charge these fees as an intermediary with the customs office.
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